Brian Kenny

Hi, I'm Brian. I'm a Rails and iOS software engineer from Dublin, Ireland. I'm passionate about startups.

Hi, I'm Brian

I'm a Rails and iOS software engineer from Dublin, Ireland.

I love the world of startups, simplisitic design and building software that will make the world a better place. I run a web consultancy called MiniCorp. We build travel based apps for our customers and ourselves.

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I love photography. Here are some of my most recent snaps on Instagram. You can view my profile here


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Users Are Motivation over 1 year ago

I love thinking up ideas. I take an idea, run some quick searches to see what exists in the market. If nothing seems to be ticking the boxes for me, I build.

Like most products, making predictions of it’s possible success is just that, a prediction....

Learn By Doing over 1 year ago

I learn by doing. I want to get from opening a new XCode project to seeing something on my iPhone as soon as possible. The key to unlocking my potential is motivation. Getting bogged down in theory and learning the in’s and out’s of a...

I'm My Own Best Product over 1 year ago

In an age where all it takes is the price of a laptop to make ideas a tangible reality, creating your own brand is essential. You are your brand. Brian Kenny is a brand. I spend a high volume of my time promoting myself. I invest in myself. I’ve...

The Future for Spots over 1 year ago

Spots has been running for just over a year now. It’s amazing to see so many people using something that started out as a weekend project. I’ve received great feedback and feel it’s time to push Spots forward with some new features.


Favourite Tools Discovered in 2013 over 1 year ago

Here’s some of my favourite tools I’ve discovered over the course of 2013. During the year I primarily worked with Ruby and Objective-C. These tools helped me build prototype’s and ship apps faster and with more ease. Hopefully,...

Limits over 1 year ago

Today I launched a new app, Limits. It offers you the ability to easily track and monitor your usage of different APIs.


Limits was built out of a need. When I launched Spots over a year ago, it was featured on The Next Web as a way to view images...


I've started building iPhone applications in 2009. I built apps for clients but also love to take ideas of my own and build them into something.



Limits allows users to easily track and monitor their apps API usage of different providers such as Foursquare, Instagram or Twitter. View App



Spots is a free, fun way to discover and track Instagram photos from any destination. Download in the AppStore or view on the web.


kickit 2

The app calculates how long you need to quit smoking in order to save enough money to buy something you really want. Download in the AppStore

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Perfect Day

I'm currently building Perfect Day. Perfect Day allows you to find curated activities under genre specific categories in different cities around Europe. For example, Romance in Paris. We plot our your perfect romantic day in Paris including activities in the morning, afternoon and evening.

I'm hoping to launch Perfect Day this year. If this interests you, please sign up for a beta invite here.

Tech Events Ireland

The tech community in Ireland is amazing. You'll meet some of the brightest, socialable and interesting people here. The number of events happening around Ireland is booming.

In order to give something back, I decided to build a site that will display all technical events happening around the country. It's open source so anyone can contribute.


I built a ruby gem to integrate with the Irish Companies Registration API. You can search for any company registered in Ireland and view it's offical submissions.